Ends 12/14 – Girlfriends & Purses Giveaway

This review was done by Sweet N Sour Deals

I recently ran across a fabulous website called Girlfriends and Purses. As soon as I saw it I wanted to know more about it so I contacted them and met Stephanie who has allowed me to do this review/giveaway for you. Stephanie Drane started Girlfriends and Purses in 2010 because she was looking for a direct sales company that had a product that excited her. Stephanie has a huge passion for purses but could not find a purse company that had a good vaariety that she would actually carry, so from that she started Girlfriends and Purses. Girlfriends and Purses provide unique purses from hobos, satchels, clutches to fashion handbags and accessories. There are so many different items to choose from such as jewelry to caps to a beautiful purse. Girlfriends and Purses now have consultants across the United States and Canada. Stephanie says “The purse party industry isn’t saturated, so this is a great time for women who have a passion for purses to be their own bosses! They earn forty percent commission, and have a replicated site.” Now that you know a little about Girlfriends and Purses let me tell you about the wonderful purse I was sent to review.

I was sent the Ruffled Royalty and I love it!! It is a beautiful white with ruffles on the front and under the ruffles is a deep dark purple. It has silver hardware and a braided handle. The interior is lined in a silk purple lining with a cell phone pocket and a zippered pocket. This purse is so soft it feels like a lamb skin or a real supple soft leather. It will be easy to clean and take care of as you can just wipe it off. I was very impressed with the quality of this purse and it is now one of my favorite purses. I will carry this purse year round.

Now for the fun part, Stephanie has agreed to give one lucky fan a new Embellished Textured Leather and Ostrich Cross Organizer Flat Wallet. Please Enter The Rafflecopter Thru The Link Below to enter…Good Luck!!!

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Ends 12/14 – Beecology Giveaway

This Review was done by Sweet N Sour Deals

Hey everyone, my name is Misty and I am the newest member at Sweet N Sour Deals.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the natural products from Beecology. Before my review here is a little about them.

Beecology is family owned and operated and make natural products with honey and beeswax from bee hives that are tended on their farm. Their lipbalms, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body washes and soaps are made in small batches to assure you that their products meet their high standard. In addition to making natural SLS and Paraben free products, they donate 10% of their profits to charity through their Sweetyear.org foundation. Beecology is “Beecentric body care for people that care”. For my review I was given four products.

The first product is the Lavender with Bergamont foaming hand soap. Since this is a moisturizing hand soap it really does leave your hands with that clean feel but very soft. It does not dry your hands out and I felt no need to apply a lotion.

The next product is the Moisturizing Lavender with Bergamont body wash. This body wash has virgin hemp oil and aloe. While showering the lavender scent is so soothing and relaxing, I did not want to get out. After the shower the scent lingers with you but is not overpowering.

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Next is the Lavender with honey soap. This soap has antiseptic properties and skin inflammation fighters in it so it is very good for your skin. Lavender is known to relieve tension and this does just that. It smells so good and just made my skin feel so clean. Last is the new Lemon and Lavender lip balm with propolis, the super bee antioxident. I had the pleasure of being the first to review/try it and let me tell you I loved it. It soothes and softens your lips as soon as you apply it. It is long lasting and not sticky. The lemon/lavender scent makes your senses feel good. Truly a great lip balm. I also meant to mention that upon receiving my products I noticed the cute box they are shipped in. It has bees and a cute bee sticker on it. It is an attractive package right from the start. Overall I would give Beecology 5 stars easily. I have fallen in love with their products and Im sure you will too!!

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Ends 12/14 – Holiday Shopping Spree Giveaway


Welcome! To The Holiday Shopping Spree Giveaway!

SaleCamel, Sweet N Sour Deals and a bunch of us bloggers came together to bring you this awesome giveaway!

3 Winners will take home $50 Amazon Gift Cards! Spend these babies on your Christmas gifts or keep them for yourself, the choice is yours!

This giveaway is open to US Residents and will run from 12/9-12/14 11:59 pm EST

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24 Hour Mystery Flash Giveaway


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What’s inside you may ask hmmm well let’s keep it a secret but since its a Mystery You will find out at the end!!! Fun right! So now that you know the rules lets play! Good luck!!

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Ends 12/02 – Countrytrail Soy Candles Giveaway

This Review Was conducted by: Sweet N Sour Deals

I have been given the opportunity to review Countrytrail Soy Candles. Countrytrail Soy Candles is a home based business owned and operated by Karen Zemitis and her family. Karen says “We strive to make a quality soy candle at an affordable price. We love what we do, but most of all we love to see you like us too!” Karen, her husband and two children work together to make and ship quality candles all over the United States. For my experience with Countrytrail Soy Candles I was sent a large 16 ounce candle in the scent of Mrs. Claus’s Crib, a smaller candle in Apples-N Peaches, many different samples of various scents and a very cute wick dipper with a heart on the handle. I also received an instruction sheet on candle burning tips and tricks.

When I received my package I was so excited to open it because I love, love, love candles. The candles were packaged so well. They were wrapped in bubble wrap and there is no way they would have been broken. Now these candles seem extra special to me because there seems to be so much love put into them. On each candle there is a pack of matches to light them. I have never bought or received a candle with matches on each candle. Right away I lit the Apples-N- Peaches. This candle had such a yummy smell and it scented the whole house. My husband thought I was baking something good. To his stomach’s disappointment it was my new candle lol. When I put the candle out I used the wick dipper that was included and to my amazement it worked so well. There was absolutely no smoke. I have not lit my Mrs. Claus’s Crib candle yet because I want to wait until its a little closer to Christmas but I can tell it will be just as great as the Apple-N-Peaches. I give these candles and Karen and her families Countrytrail Soy Candles a huge 5 stars! These may have been the best candles I have ever had.

Now on to the Giveaway! Country Trail Candles has given us the chance to giveaway 2 Country Candles and a heart wick Dipper to 2 lucky fans! Sweet N Sour Deals GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA and a few of us other sister bloggers came together to host this giveaway!

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Ends 11/30 – Polar Pillow Giveaway

This Review Was conducted by: Sweet N Sour Deals

I don’t know about you, but at night I am always flipping my pillow over and over trying to get the cool side. Well, no more! Recently I was given the opportunity to review the PolarPillow. The PolarPillow uses Gel Technology to absorb the temperature of the surrounding air and transfers coolness to your head. It has scientifcally-formulated gel infused with micro-air-beads. The PolarPillow requires no set-up, maintenance, electricity, batteries, refrigeration, chemicals or water and contains 12 pounds, yes I said 12 pounds of specialized cooling gel.

The PolarPillow stays cool for approximately two hours of use (long enough to fall asleep!) then gradually warms over the course of a night. After being used, PolarPillow’s coolness will re-energize within 30 minutes of exposure to room-temperature conditions. It is said to soothe headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, fevers and skin irritations. Now that you know a little about the PolarPillow I will share my experience. When I received my package I was stunned as to the weight of it. This pillow does not move at night if you toss and turn, it is heavy. And honestly this pillow does work as it says. When I laid down on it within seconds it was very cool, and I love that. I do not sleep well at night for various reasons and when using the PolarPillow I slept a lot better. I was not flipping my pillow every few minutes trying to find a cool spot. It is supposed to stay cool for 2 hours and it did because when I woke up a few minutes later it was still cool. My husband also tried the PolarPillow and he says that he slept better than he has in a long time. He really liked the pillow. Overall, I would give this pillow 5 stars because it truly does what it is intended to do.

Now on to the Giveaway! Pollar Pillow has given us the chance to giveaway 1 Pollar Pillow to a lucky fan! Sweet N Sour Deals , GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA and a few of us other sister bloggers came together to host this giveaway!

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